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for whose benefit?
for what use? of what good?
for the public good or welfare.
Contemporary Examples

The Opening Ceremonies Michael Tomasky July 26, 2012
Spider-Man’s Real Villain Jacob Bernstein March 12, 2011
Queen Lily Steals the Scene Tom Sykes May 23, 2012
Bush’s Rose-Colored Glasses Richard Wolffe November 12, 2009
You Too Can Hear U2 Overthink Its New Song Andrew Romano November 21, 2013

Historical Examples

Cathedral Cities of Italy William Wiehe Collins
Las Casas Alice J. Knight
History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. William H. Prescott
The Criminal Havelock Ellis
Michel and Angele [A Ladder of Swords], Complete Gilbert Parker

for whose benefit? for what purpose?
for the public good


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