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a segment of the general public composed of uneducated, uncultured persons.


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  • Booboos

    a stupid or silly mistake; blunder. a minor injury. noun (pl) -boos (informal) an embarrassing mistake; blunder n.

  • Boobs

    a stupid person; fool; dunce. British. a blunder; mistake. British. to blunder. a female breast. noun an ignorant or foolish person; booby (Brit) an embarrassing mistake; blunder a female breast verb (intransitive) (Brit) to make a blunder noun (Austral, slang) a prison adjective of poor quality, similar to that provided in prison: boob coffee n. […]

  • Booby-hatch

    Nautical. a small hatch giving access to a ladder from the weather deck of a vessel to the interior of the hull. a small companion secured over a deck opening. a hoodlike hatch cover having a sliding top. Slang. an insane asylum. jail. noun a hoodlike covering for a hatchway on a ship (US, offensive, […]

  • Booby-prize

    a prize given in good-natured ridicule to the worst player or team in a game or contest. noun a mock prize given to the person having the lowest score or giving the worst performance in a competition

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