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given or devoted to reading or study.
more acquainted with books than with real life.
of or relating to books; literary.
stilted; pedantic.
Contemporary Examples

The 12 Biggest Booker Prize Controversies Thomas Flynn July 22, 2013
Washington’s Fatherless Elite Lisa Carver June 19, 2009
The Beck Rally Is Harmless John Batchelor August 26, 2010
3 Must-Read Novels Taylor Antrim, Anne Trubek, Nicholas Mancusi July 20, 2011
Gandhi Family Feud Shoma Chaudhury April 11, 2009

Historical Examples

The Measurement of Intelligence Lewis Madison Terman
Howards End E. M. Forster
Confessions of Boyhood John Albee
John Splendid Neil Munro
Science and Education Thomas H. Huxley

fond of reading; studious
consisting of or forming opinions or attitudes through reading rather than direct personal experience; academic: a bookish view of life
of or relating to books: a bookish career in publishing


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