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Logic. a deductive logical system, usually applied to classes, in which, under the operations of intersection and symmetric difference, classes are treated as algebraic quantities.
Mathematics. a ring with a multiplicative identity in which every element is an idempotent.
a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole to codify logical operations. It is used in computers
Boolean algebra
A form of symbolic logic, in which variables, which stand for propositions, have only the values “true” (or “1”) and “false” (or “0”). Relationships between these values are expressed by the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. For example, “a + b” means “a OR b”, and its value is true as long as either a is true or b is true (or both). Boolean logic can be used to solve logical problems, and provides the mathematical tools fundamental to the design of digital computers. It is named after the mathematician George Boole. Also called Boolean logic. See also logic gate.


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  • Boolean

    pertaining to or being a deductive logical system, as Boolean algebra, used to represent symbolically the relationships between sets, classes, and other entities. Computers. of or relating to a data type having two possible values representing “true” or “false.”. Computers. a Boolean data type. Historical Examples The Romantic Analogue W.W. Skupeldyckle The Civilization of Illiteracy […]

  • Boolean-operation

    any operation in which each of the operands and the result take one of two values.

  • Boolean-ring

    a nonempty collection of sets having the properties that the union of two sets of the collection is a set in the collection and that the relative complement of each set with respect to any other set is in the collection.

  • Boolean-sum

    Mathematics, symmetric difference.

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