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  • Boomie

    a person who was an adolescent in the 1960s.

  • Boomy

    excessively resonant: a loudspeaker with a boomy sound in the lower register. affected by, characterized by, or indicative of an economic boom.

  • Booming

    to make a deep, prolonged, resonant sound. to move with a resounding rush or great impetus. to progress, grow, or flourish vigorously, as a business or a city: Her business is booming since she enlarged the store. to give forth with a booming sound (often followed by out): The clock boomed out nine. to boost; […]

  • Boomkin

    bumpkin2 . noun (nautical) a short boom projecting from the deck of a ship, used to secure the main-brace blocks or to extend the lower edge of the foresail

  • Boomlet

    a brief increase, as in business activity or political popularity. Contemporary Examples Ben Affleck for Senate? Actor Could Be Formidable Massachusetts Candidate Lloyd Grove December 20, 2012 The Portman Bubble Howard Kurtz April 9, 2012 Will Cory Booker Parlay Heroics and High Profile Into a Run for Governor? David Freedlander December 3, 2012 White Women […]

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