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alcoholic liquor unlawfully made, sold, or transported, without registration or payment of taxes.
the part of a boot that covers the leg.
something, as a recording, made, reproduced, or sold illegally or without authorization:
a flurry of bootlegs to cash in on the rock star’s death.
to deal in (liquor or other goods) unlawfully.
to make, transport, or sell something, especially liquor, illegally or without registration or payment of taxes.
made, sold, or transported unlawfully.
illegal or clandestine.
of or relating to bootlegging.
Contemporary Examples

“The Patriarch”: Joseph Kennedy Sr.’s Outsized Life Jacob Heilbrunn November 20, 2012
Will a Criminal Enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Evan Weiner January 31, 2014

Historical Examples

The Flying Reporter Lewis E. (Lewis Edwin) Theiss
Jokes For All Occasions Anonymous
Pieces of Hate Heywood Broun
The Radio Detectives A. Hyatt Verrill
The Flying Reporter Lewis E. (Lewis Edwin) Theiss
Policing the Plains R.G. MacBeth
The Flying Reporter Lewis E. (Lewis Edwin) Theiss
The Flying Reporter Lewis E. (Lewis Edwin) Theiss

verb -legs, -legging, -legged
to make, carry, or sell (illicit goods, esp alcohol)
something made or sold illicitly, such as alcohol during Prohibition in the US
an illegally made copy of a CD, tape, etc
produced, distributed, or sold illicitly: bootleg whisky, bootleg tapes

To make or sell illegal whiskey and other illegally repackaged products such as music recordings, movies, etc (1906+)
To carry the ball deceptively by holding it against the leg, esp after pretending to hand it off to another player (1950s+ Football)


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