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a mass of trees or shrubs; wood, grove, or thicket.
(literary) a mass of trees and shrubs; thicket


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    Carl or Karl, 1874–1940, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1931. Hieronymus [hahy-uh-ron-uh-muh s;; Dutch hee-uh-roh-nee-mœs] /ˌhaɪ əˈrɒn ə məs;; Dutch ˌhi əˈroʊ ni mœs/ (Show IPA), (Hieronymus van Aeken) 1450?–1516, Dutch painter. Juan [hwahn] /ʰwɑn/ (Show IPA), (Juan Bosch Gaviño) 1909–2001, Dominican writer and political leader: president 1963. Contemporary Examples Major League Baseball Is Right to […]

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    bosch, hieronymus Note: Bosch’s work is often considered a forerunner of surrealism.

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    bush pig. noun (South African) another name for bushpig

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