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both sides of the desk


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  • Both-sides-of-the-street

    both sides of the street

  • Both-ways

    adjective, adverb another term for each way (usually with a negative) have it both ways, to try to get the best of a situation, argument, etc, by chopping and changing between alternatives or opposites Contemporary Examples Bring Back That Wall! Nomi Prins December 15, 2009 The Real War on Fox Benjamin Sarlin October 29, 2009 […]

  • Botha

    Louis [loo-ee] /luˈi/ (Show IPA), 1862–1919, South African general and statesman. Pieter Willem [pee-ter] /ˈpi tər/ (Show IPA), 1916–2006, South African political leader: prime minister 1978–84; state president 1984–89. Contemporary Examples The Meaning of Mandela Joshua DuBois June 29, 2013 Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: What We’ve Learned So Far Melissa Leon February 20, 2013 Oscar […]

  • Botham

    noun Sir Ian (Terence). born 1955, English cricketer: an all-rounder, he played in 102 test matches (1977–1992) taking an English record of 383 wickets Historical Examples Jokes For All Occasions Anonymous Thoughts On The Necessity Of Improving The Condition Of The Slaves Thomas Clarkson Thoughts On The Necessity Of Improving The Condition Of The Slaves […]

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