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the turning of the legs of chairs, tables, etc., in manufacturing to give certain sections an ornamental, bottlelike form.


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  • Bottle–up

    a portable container for holding liquids, characteristically having a neck and mouth and made of glass or plastic. the contents of such a container; as much as such a container contains: a bottle of wine. bottled cow’s milk, milk formulas, or substitute mixtures given to infants instead of mother’s milk: raised on the bottle. the […]

  • Bottlewasher

    a person or machine that washes bottles. chief cook and bottlewasher, a person who does a wide variety of routine, sometimes menial, tasks: He’s not just sales manager, he’s the chief cook and bottlewasher in this firm.

  • Bottle–the

    bottle, the Liquor; booze: In life he battled wives, producers, bankruptcy, and the bottle (1600s+) Male prostitution (1960s+)

  • Bottle-jack

    noun (NZ) a large jack used for heavy lifts Historical Examples Mother Carey’s Chicken George Manville Fenn

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