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bottom dropped out, the


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  • Bottom-drops-out–the

    Also, the bottom falls out. A collapse occurs, as in The bottom dropped out of the steel market, or When they lost the game, the bottom fell out of their hopes to make the playoffs. This term alludes to collapsing deeper than the very lowest point, or bottom. [ First half of 1600s ]

  • Bottom–end

    noun (in vertical engines) another name for big end (sense 1) Contemporary Examples Baudelaire’s Femme Fatale Muse James MacManus May 6, 2013 Where Have Japan’s Yakuza Gone? Jake Adelstein, Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky March 8, 2014 Historical Examples The Potter’s Craft Charles F. Binns Toy Craft Leon H. Baxter The Saracen: The Holy War Robert Shea Our […]

  • Bottom-feeder

    bottom fish. an opportunist, as in politics or business: bottom feeders who buy up commercial failures. a person having low status; loser; lowlife: bottom feeders hanging out in seedy bars. a person who appeals to base instincts: Gossip columnists are the bottom feeders of journalism. Contemporary Examples Louis C.K. on Daniel Tosh’s Rape Joke: Are […]

  • Bottom-feeding

    the activities of a bottom feeder. Contemporary Examples Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along? Jay Michaelson May 26, 2014 Your Husband Is Definitely Gay: TLC’s Painful Portrait of Mormonism Samantha Allen December 31, 2014 Historical Examples Favorite Fish and Fishing James Alexander Henshall

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