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the last line of a financial statement, used for showing net profit or loss.
net profit or loss.
the deciding or crucial factor.
the ultimate result; outcome.
Contemporary Examples

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the last line of a financial statement that shows the net profit or loss of a company or organization
the final outcome of a process, discussion, etc
the most important or fundamental aspect of a situation

Note: By extension, “bottom line” refers to the final, determining consideration in a decision.

Note: “Bottom line” also has a derogatory implication when it refers to those people whose attention to the bottom line prevents them from recognizing the value of anything else.

The ultimate result, the upshot; also, the main point or crucial factor. For example, The bottom line is that the chairman wants to dictate all of the board’s decisions, or Whether or not he obeyed the law is the bottom line. This is an accounting term that refers to the earnings figures that appear on the bottom (last) line of a statement. It began to be transferred to other contexts in the mid-1900s.


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