liberal in bestowing gifts, favors, or bounties; munificent; generous.
abundant; ample:
a bountiful supply.
a city in N Utah, near Salt Lake City.
Contemporary Examples

Fresh Picks Julie Powell August 3, 2009
What to Eat August 17, 2009
What to Eat: Eating Green for Earth Day April 12, 2010
John Ramsey’s Lingering Suspicions Lucinda Franks October 12, 2008
Man on Reddit Shows Off His Three Testicles. Have We Seen It All? Kent Sepkowitz March 24, 2014

Historical Examples

Advice to a Young Man upon First Going to Oxford Edward Berens
Galusha the Magnificent Joseph C. Lincoln
Voyage of the Paper Canoe Nathaniel H. Bishop
Floyd Grandon’s Honor Amanda Minnie Douglas
The King of the Mountains Edmond About

plentiful; ample (esp in the phrase a bountiful supply)
giving freely; generous

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