a person who bowl, especially a participant in a bowling game, as candlepins or tenpins.
Cricket. the player who throws the ball to be played by the batsman.
derby (def 5).
Contemporary Examples

Braving the Atlas Shrugged Crowd Allen Barra April 16, 2011
Bonfire of the Inanities Christopher Buckley March 21, 2009
Alexander Iolas: The Secret King of Surrealism Justin Jones March 6, 2014
Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks: The Science Behind Winning Clark Merrefield February 17, 2012

Historical Examples

From sketch-book and diary Elizabeth Butler
Five Tales John Galsworthy
Quick Action Robert W. Chambers
Parkhurst Boys Talbot Baines Reed
The Silver Box (First Series Plays) John Galsworthy
Aaron’s Rod D. H. Lawrence

one who bowls in cricket
a player at the game of bowls
a stiff felt hat with a rounded crown and narrow curved brim US and Canadian name derby
(Dublin, dialect) a dog

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