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Botany. having widely spreading branches in alternate pairs.
Zoology. having arms.
to progress by means of brachiation.
adjective (ˈbreɪkɪɪt; -ˌeɪt; ˈbræk-)
(botany) having widely divergent paired branches
verb (ˈbreɪkɪˌeɪt; ˈbræk-)
(intransitive) (of some arboreal apes and monkeys) to swing by the arms from one hold to the next


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  • Brachiation

    locomotion accomplished by swinging by the arms from one hold to another. brachiation (brā’kē-ā’shən, brāk’ē-) Movement in which the suspended body swings by the arms from one hold to another, as in gibbons and arboreal primates. Adaptations used in brachiation, such as relatively long arms and a freely rotating shoulder joint, may have contributed to […]

  • Brachiator

    an animal that can progress by means of brachiation, as a gibbon.

  • Brachio-

    a combining form meaning “arm,” “upper arm,” used in the formation of compound words: brachiopod. combining form indicating a brachium: brachiopod

  • Brachiocephalic

    adjective of, relating to, or supplying the arm and head: brachiocephalic artery

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