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James Buchanan (“Diamond Jim”) 1856–1917, U.S. financier, noted for conspicuously extravagant living.
Mathew B. 1823?–96, U.S. photographer, especially of the Civil War.
a male given name.
a combining form meaning “slow,” used in the formation of compound words:
Contemporary Examples

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Ann B. Davis Was the Zesty Antidote to the Bradys Emily Shire June 1, 2014

Historical Examples

An Ambitious Woman Edgar Fawcett
Montezuma’s Castle and Other Weird Tales Charles B. Cory
The Bradys’ Chinese Clew Francis Worcester Doughty
The Bradys Beyond Their Depth Anonymous
The Bradys and the Girl Smuggler Francis W. Doughty

combining form
indicating slowness: bradycardia


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