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any crustacean of the class (or subclass) Branchiopoda, having flattened, footlike appendages that bear respiratory organs.
Also, branchiopodous
[brang-kee-op-uh-duh s] /ˌbræŋ kiˈɒp ə dəs/ (Show IPA). belonging or pertaining to the Branchiopoda.
Historical Examples

“Wee Tim’rous Beasties” Douglas English

any crustacean of the mainly freshwater subclass Branchiopoda, having flattened limblike appendages for swimming, feeding, and respiration. The group includes the water fleas
Any of various primitive aquatic crustaceans of the class Branchiopoda, such as the fairy shrimp and water flea. Branchiopods are characterized by flattened, leaflike thoracic appendages.


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