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  • Branchlet

    a small branch or a subdivision of a branch. Historical Examples American Forest Trees Henry H. Gibson Wayside and Woodland Trees Edward Step The Apple-Tree L. H. Bailey The Cherries of New York U. P. Hedrick Anne Constance Fenimore Woolson Birds and Nature Vol. 11 No. 1 [January 1902] Various The Genus Pinus George Russell […]

  • Branch-delay-slot

    branch delay slot

  • Rio-branco

    a city in W Brazil. a state in W Brazil. 58,900 sq. mi. (152,550 sq. km). Capital: Rio Branco. a seaport in NW Israel: besieged and captured by Crusaders 1191. Historical Examples The Evolution of States J. M. Robertson noun a unit of area used in certain English-speaking countries, equal to 4840 square yards or […]

  • Brancusi

    Constantin [kon-stuh n-tin;; Romanian kon-stahn-teen] /ˈkɒn stən tɪn;; Romanian ˌkɒn stɑnˈtin/ (Show IPA), 1876–1957, Romanian sculptor. Contemporary Examples The Guggenheim Turns 50 Stephanie Gonzalez-Turner June 8, 2009 noun Constantin (konstanˈtin). 1876–1957, Romanian sculptor, noted for his streamlined abstractions of animal forms

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