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the act or a result of breaking; break or rupture.
an infraction or violation, as of a law, trust, faith, or promise.
a gap made in a wall, fortification, line of soldiers, etc.; rift; fissure.
a severance of friendly relations.
the leap of a whale above the surface of the water.
Archaic. the breaking of waves; the dashing of surf.
Obsolete, wound1 .
to make a breach or opening in.
to break or act contrary to (a law, promise, etc.).
(of a whale) to leap partly or completely out of the water, head first, and land on the back or belly with a resounding splash.
Contemporary Examples

Drowning in Beeps Nicholas Carr February 28, 2011
The Case For Cutting Off Aid to Egypt Ali Gharib July 10, 2013
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Historical Examples

Atlantis Gerhart Hauptmann
The Conquest of Fear Basil King
The Day of the Beast Zane Grey
K Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Rise of the Mediaeval Church Alexander Clarence Flick

a crack, break, or rupture
a breaking, infringement, or violation of a promise, obligation, etc
any severance or separation: there was a breach between the two factions of the party
a gap in an enemy’s fortifications or line of defence created by bombardment or attack
the act of a whale in breaking clear of the water
the breaking of sea waves on a shore or rock
an obsolete word for wound1
(transitive) to break through or make an opening, hole, or incursion in
(transitive) to break a promise, law, etc
(intransitive) (of a whale) to break clear of the water


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