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abounding in breezes; windy.
fresh; sprightly:
His breezy manner was half his charm.
Contemporary Examples

The Return of New Girl’s Coach…and of Faith in the Still-Great Comedy Kevin Fallon November 5, 2013
Oren Makes Friends, Not News Jacob Silverman October 15, 2012
Rumer Has It Rachel Sklar January 8, 2009

Historical Examples

Lord Stranleigh Abroad Robert Barr
The Conquest Oscar Micheaux
Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore Pauline Lester
The Revellers Louis Tracy
The Secrets of Potsdam William Le Queux
Mount Music E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross
The Viking Blood Frederick William Wallace

adjective breezier, breeziest
fresh; windy: a breezy afternoon
casual or carefree; lively; light-hearted: her breezy nature
lacking substance; light: a breezy conversation


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