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plural noun
the bright lights, places of entertainment in a city
Contemporary Examples

A Touch of Audrey Rachel Syme October 8, 2009
Amid Reported Rumors of Drug Binge, Friends of Lamar Odom Say He Isn’t Missing Allison Samuels August 25, 2013
Lysistrata Jones: Broadway’s Naughty New Musical Marlow Stern December 13, 2011
Stephen Merchant Talks ‘Hello Ladies’ movie, the Nicole Kidman Cameo, and Legacy of ‘The Office’ Marlow Stern November 21, 2014
Phillip Lim’s Force of Nature Erin Cunningham September 8, 2013

Historical Examples

The Secret of Casa Grande Helen Randolph
The Gentleman From Indiana Booth Tarkington
The Daisy Chain Charlotte Yonge
The Worshippers Damon Francis Knight
Sunny Boy in the Big City Ramy Allison White


Read Also:

  • Brightline

    (of rules, standards, etc.) unambiguously clear: This muddies the waters of what should be a brightline rule. Physical Chemistry, brightline spectrum.

  • Brightline-spectrum

    the spectrum of an incandescent substance appearing on a spectrogram as one or more bright lines against a dark background.

  • Bright-wool

    the wool of sheep raised east of the Mississippi River.

  • Brightwork

    polished metal parts, as on a ship or automobile. Nautical. all plain or varnished woodwork that is kept scoured on a vessel. noun shiny metal trimmings or fittings on ships, cars, etc varnished or plain woodwork on a vessel

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