(Edward) Benjamin, 1913–76, English composer and pianist.
Contemporary Examples

In the end, the problem for Britten and Berkeley was the same.
The Best of Brit Lit Peter Stothard April 27, 2011

Historical Examples

Britten and I belonged to one of the precocious types, and Cossington very probably to another.
The New Machiavelli Herbert George Wells

The rogue came to me, and I told him that the will was made, and that Britten and Sloane had witnessed it.
Ravenshoe Henry Kingsley

My only influential councillor at first was old Britten, who became my sub-editor.
The New Machiavelli Herbert George Wells

The discovery of Britten happened to me when we were both in the Lower Fifth.
The New Machiavelli Herbert George Wells

Mr Britten in 1876 patented a process for the manufacture of glass from blast furnace slag.
Cooley’s Practical Receipts, Volume II Arnold Cooley

“I’d like you to indicate directions,” said Britten, and waited.
The New Machiavelli Herbert George Wells

“We may have to look around a little, though,” remarked Tom as Captain Britten ordered the tug halted and anchors lowered.
Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope Victor Appleton

Britten wasn’t subdued by his first rebuff; presently he was at us again.
The New Machiavelli Herbert George Wells

Britten rubbed the palm of his hand on the corner of his desk.
The New Machiavelli Herbert George Wells

(Edward) Benjamin, Baron Britten. 1913–76, English composer, pianist, and conductor. His works include the operas Peter Grimes (1945) and Billy Budd (1951), the choral works Hymn to St Cecilia (1942) and A War Requiem (1962), and numerous orchestral pieces

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