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a person or thing that broadcasts.
a person or organization, as a network or station, that broadcasts radio or television programs.
Contemporary Examples

Why James Murdoch Might Never Take Over Rupert’s Media Empire Nicholas Wapshott November 21, 2011
St. Hippolytus’ Careers Christians Should Never Have Candida Moss May 3, 2014
Walking With Wildebeests: Exploring the Serengeti on Foot Joanna Eede July 8, 2013
Chris Hayes is a Type? Justin Green November 11, 2012
Trust Iran? It Just Hanged a Man Who Doubted ‘Jonah and the Whale’ IranWire September 29, 2014

Historical Examples

Anything You Can Do Gordon Randall Garrett
Sally Scott of the Waves Roy J. Snell
Anything You Can Do … Gordon Randall Garrett
An Australian Bird Book John Albert Leach
The Measure of a Man Randall Garrett


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