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Blanche Kelso, 1841–98, U.S. politician: first black to serve a full term as U.S. senator 1875–81.
Sir David, 1855–1931, Australian physician.
Lenny (Leonard Schneider) 1926–66, U.S. comedian.
Robert, Robert I (def 2).
Stanley Melbourne (1st Viscount Bruce of Melbourne) 1883–1967, Australian statesman: prime minister 1923–29.
a male given name: from a Norman family name.
Contemporary Examples

Bobby Womack’s Sexual Democracy: The Late Soul Legend Preached Mutual Pleasure David Masciotra June 28, 2014
The Latest Al Qaeda Alarms Bruce Riedel October 2, 2010
The Supply-Side Pariah Returns Bruce Bartlett October 19, 2009
The Sins of St. Reagan Noah Kristula-Green June 14, 2012
Palin Snubs Disability Advocates Dana Goldstein February 21, 2010

Historical Examples

The Man from the Bitter Roots Caroline Lockhart
The Man from the Bitter Roots Caroline Lockhart
In Pawn Ellis Parker Butler
The Man from the Bitter Roots Caroline Lockhart
The Life and Adventures of Bruce, the African Traveller Francis Head

James. 1730–94, British explorer, who discovered the source of the Blue Nile (1770)
Lenny. 1925–66, US comedian, whose satirical sketches, esp of the sexual attitudes of his contemporaries, brought him prosecutions for obscenity, but are now regarded as full of insight as well as wit
Robert the Bruce See Robert I
Stanley Melbourne, 1st Viscount Bruce of Melbourne. 1883–1967, Australian statesman; prime minister, in coalition with Sir Earle Page’s Country Party, of Australia (1923–29)
(Brit) a jocular name for an Australian man


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