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any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Aesculus, as A. glabra (Ohio buckeye) having palmate leaves, gray, scaly bark, and bell-shaped greenish-yellow flowers in upright clusters: the state tree of Ohio.
the brown nut of any of these trees.
(initial capital letter) a native or inhabitant of Ohio (used as a nickname).
a butterfly, Precis lavinia, having dark-brown wings with purple or red eyespots.
Contemporary Examples

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Ohio Republican Party Goes to War With Itself, Leaving 2016 in Doubt David Freedlander September 3, 2013
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Historical Examples

Sequoia [California] National Park United States Department of the Interior
Devil’s Ford Bret Harte
Joan of the Journal Helen Diehl Olds
Harper’s Young People, May 25, 1880 Various
The Boys of ’61 Charles Carleton Coffin.

any of several North American trees of the genus Aesculus, esp A. glabra (Ohio buckeye), having erect clusters of white or red flowers and prickly fruits: family Hippocastanaceae See also horse chestnut


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