bulbar paralysis

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  • Bulk-carrier

    a single-decked ship designed to carry dry cargoes, as grain or coal, in bulk form. noun a ship that carries unpackaged cargo, usually consisting of a single dry commodity, such as coal or grain Also called bulker

  • Bulkhead

    Nautical. any of various wall-like constructions inside a vessel, as for forming watertight compartments, subdividing space, or strengthening the structure. Aeronautics. a transverse partition or reinforcing frame in the body of an airplane. Civil Engineering. a partition built in a subterranean passage to prevent the passage of air, water, or mud. a retaining structure of […]

  • Bulkheading

    the construction of bulkheads; bulkheads in general. Historical Examples The Hallowell Partnership Katharine Holland Brown

  • Bulk-mail

    a category of mail for mailing large numbers of identical printed items to individual addressees at less than first-class rates, as circulars or bulletins. to mail as bulk mail.

  • Bulk-modulus

    a coefficient of elasticity of a substance, expressing the ratio between a pressure that acts to change the volume of the substance and the fractional change in volume produced. noun a coefficient of elasticity of a substance equal to minus the ratio of the applied stress (p) to the resulting fractional change in volume (dV/V) […]

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