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one of an English breed of medium-sized, short-haired, muscular dogs with prominent, undershot jaws, usually having a white and tan or brindled coat, raised originally for bullbaiting.
Informal. a stubbornly persistent person.
a short-barreled revolver of large caliber.
Metallurgy. slag from a puddling furnace.
an assistant to the proctor at Oxford and Cambridge universities.
like or characteristic of a bulldog or of a bulldog’s jaws:
bulldog obstinacy.
to attack in the manner of a bulldog.
Western U.S. to throw (a calf, steer, etc.) to the ground by seizing the horns and twisting the head.
Historical Examples

The Garden of Eden Max Brand

a sturdy thickset breed of dog with an undershot jaw, short nose, broad head, and a muscular body
(at Oxford University) an official who accompanies the proctors on ceremonial occasions
(commerce) a fixed-interest bond issued in Britain by a foreign borrower

The earliest daily edition of a newspaper (1920s+ Newspaper office)
A snub-nosed revolver (1880s+ Police & underworld)

To advertise horse-race winners falsely; dynamite (1950s+ Gambling)
To attack like a bulldog, esp to wrestle a steer to the ground by the horns (1800s+ & esp cowboys)


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