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a person or thing that bushwhacks.
(in the American Civil War) a guerrilla, especially a Confederate.
any guerrilla or outlaw.
Australian Slang. an unsophisticated person; hick.
(US & Canadian, Austral) a person who travels around or lives in thinly populated woodlands
(Austral, informal) an unsophisticated person; boor
a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War
(US) any guerrilla
(NZ) a person who works in the bush, esp at timber felling


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  • Bushwhacking

    to make one’s way through woods by cutting at undergrowth, branches, etc. to travel through woods. to pull a boat upstream from on board by grasping bushes, rocks, etc., on the shore. to fight as a bushwhacker or guerrilla in the bush. to fight as a bushwhacker; ambush. to defeat, especially by surprise or in […]

  • Bush-wren

    noun a wren, Xenicus longipes, occurring in New Zealand: family Xenicidae See also rifleman (sense 2) Historical Examples McClure’s Magazine, Vol 31, No 2, June 1908 Various

  • Bush-bash

    verb (Austral, slang) (intransitive) to clear scrubland to drive through thick scrubland

  • Bush-hawk

    noun another name for karearea

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