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Usually, chops. the jaw.

the oral cavity; mouth.
Slang. the embouchure or technique necessary to play a wind instrument.
Slang. musical ability on any instrument, especially in playing jazz or rock; technical virtuosity.
Slang. the music or musical part played by an instrumentalist, especially a solo passage.

an entranceway, as into a body of water.
Horology. either of two pieces clasping the end of the suspension spring of a pendulum.
bust one’s chops, Slang. to exert oneself.
bust someone’s chops, Slang. to annoy with nagging or criticism:
Stop busting my chops—I’ll get the job done.
lick one’s chops, to await with pleasure; anticipate; relish:
He was already licking his chops over the expected inheritance.
verb chops, chopping, chopped
often foll by down or off. to cut (something) with a blow from an axe or other sharp tool
(transitive) to produce or make in this manner: to chop firewood
(transitive) often foll by up. to cut into pieces
(transitive) (Brit, informal) to dispense with or reduce
(intransitive) to move quickly or violently
(sport) to hit (a ball) sharply downwards
(boxing, martial arts) to punch or strike (an opponent) with a short sharp blow
(W African) an informal word for eat
a cutting blow
the act or an instance of chopping
a piece chopped off
a slice of mutton, lamb, or pork, generally including a rib
(Austral & NZ, slang) a share (esp in the phrase get or hop in for one’s chop)
(W African) an informal word for food
(Austral & NZ) a competition of skill and speed in chopping logs
(sport) a sharp downward blow or stroke
(Austral & NZ, informal) not much chop, not much good; poor
(slang) the chop, dismissal from employment
verb chops, chopping, chopped
(intransitive) to change direction suddenly; vacillate (esp in the phrase chop and change)
(obsolete) to barter
chop logic, to use excessively subtle or involved logic or argument
a design stamped on goods as a trademark, esp in the Far East

Grade or quality: The food here is first chop
A rude or mean-spirited remark: a chop to the innocent girl


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