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to move or act with a great show of energy (often followed by about):
He bustled about cooking breakfast.
to abound or teem with something; display an abundance of something; teem (often followed by with):
The office bustled with people and activity.
to cause to bustle; hustle.
thriving or energetic activity; stir; ferment.
Contemporary Examples

The Glorious Fourth David Frum July 3, 2012
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The Obamas’ New Digs Sam Bungey July 23, 2009
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Historical Examples

Frederic Chopin, Vol II (of 2) Moritz Karasowski
Classic Myths Mary Catherine Judd
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell
Boys and Girls Bookshelf (Vol 2 of 17) Various
The Bacillus of Beauty Harriet Stark

when intr, often foll by about. to hurry or cause to hurry with a great show of energy or activity
energetic and noisy activity
a cushion or a metal or whalebone framework worn by women in the late 19th century at the back below the waist in order to expand the skirt

BUSTLE. A pad stuffed with cotton, feathers, bran, &c., worn by ladies for the double purpose of giving a greater rotundity or prominence to the hips, and setting off the smallness of the waist. [Bartlett, “Dictionary of Americanisms,” 1848]


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