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an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly above the surrounding land.
a city in SW Montana: mining center.
Contemporary Examples

Aaron Rodgers: the NFL’s Best Quarterback of All Time Allen Barra January 14, 2012
Anthony Weiner’s Scramble to Save His House Seat Howard Kurtz June 7, 2011
Meet Montana’s Nose-Ringed Candidate for the U.S. Senate Ben Jacobs August 14, 2014

Historical Examples

World’s War Events, Vol. I Various
‘Firebrand’ Trevison Charles Alden Seltzer
Hidden Gold Wilder Anthony
Frenzied Finance Thomas W. Lawson
Brand Blotters William MacLeod Raine
The Boy Hunters Captain Mayne Reid
North Dakota Various

(Western US & Canadian) an isolated steep-sided flat-topped hill
A steep-sided hill with a flat top, often standing alone in an otherwise flat area. A butte is smaller than a mesa.


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