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a flavor produced in puddings, frostings, ice cream, etc., by combining brown sugar, vanilla extract, and butter with other ingredients.
a hard, brittle taffy made with butter, brown sugar, etc.
a golden brown color.
having the flavor of butterscotch.
Contemporary Examples

An Unbeatable Brownie Cookstr.com November 4, 2010
Paris Fall Fashion Week Ends With Vuitton and Kanye Robin Givhan March 6, 2012
Anchorman 2’s PR Blitz: Dodge Durangos, Daft Punk, Rob Ford’s Campaign Song, and Whiskey Marlow Stern November 21, 2013

Historical Examples

For Jacinta Harold Bindloss
We Two Edna Lyall
The Great North Road: London to York Charles G. Harper
The Art Of The Moving Picture Vachel Lindsay
The Woman from Outside Hulbert Footner
Torchy Sewell Ford
The Haunts of Old Cockaigne Alex Thompson

a kind of hard brittle toffee made with butter, brown sugar, etc

a flavouring made from these ingredients
(as modifier): butterscotch icing


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  • Butter-someone-up

    butter someone up

  • Butter-spreader

    a small knife with a wide, flat blade, as for spreading butter on bread or rolls.

  • Butter-tart

    noun (Canadian) a kind of tart made with butter, brown sugar, and raisins

  • Butter-tree

    any of several tropical trees of the sapodilla family, having seeds that yield a butterlike oil. Historical Examples The New Paul and Virginia W. H. Mallock

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