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the end or extremity of anything, especially the thicker, larger, or blunt end considered as a bottom, base, support, or handle, as of a log, fishing rod, or pistol.
an end that is not used or consumed; remnant:
a cigar butt.
a lean cut of pork shoulder.
Slang. the buttocks.
Slang. a cigarette.
a person or thing that is an object of wit, ridicule, sarcasm, contempt, etc.
a target.

a wall of earth located behind the targets to prevent bullets from scattering over a large area.
butts, a wall behind which targets can be safely lowered, scored, and raised during firing practice.

butt hinge.
Obsolete. a goal; limit.
to have an end or projection on; be adjacent to; abut.
to position or fasten an end (of something).
to place or join the ends (of two things) together; set end-to-end.
to strike or push with the head or horns.
to strike or push something or at something with the head or horns.
to project.
Machinery. (of wheels in a gear train) to strike one another instead of meshing.
a push or blow with the head or horns.
butt in, to meddle in the affairs or intrude in the conversation of others; interfere:
It was none of his concern, so he didn’t butt in.
butt out, to stop meddling in the affairs or intruding in the conversation of others:
Nobody asked her opinion, so she butted out.
a large cask for wine, beer, or ale.
any cask or barrel.
any of various units of capacity, usually considered equal to two hogsheads.
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the thicker or blunt end of something, such as the end of the stock of a rifle
the unused end of something, esp of a cigarette; stub
(tanning) the portion of a hide covering the lower backside of the animal
(US & Canadian, informal) the buttocks
(US) a slang word for cigarette
(building trades) short for butt joint, butt hinge
a person or thing that is the target of ridicule, wit, etc
(shooting, archery)

a mound of earth behind the target on a target range that stops bullets or wide shots
the target itself
(pl) the target range

a low barrier, usually of sods or peat, behind which sportsmen shoot game birds, esp grouse
(archaic) goal; aim
usually foll by on or against. to lie or be placed end on to; abut: to butt a beam against a wall
to strike or push (something) with the head or horns
(intransitive) to project; jut
(intransitive; foll by in or into) to intrude, esp into a conversation; interfere; meddle
(informal, mainly US & Canadian) butt out, to stop interfering or meddling
a blow with the head or horns
a large cask, esp one with a capacity of two hogsheads, for storing wine or beer
a US unit of liquid measure equal to 126 US gallons
Dame Clara. 1872–1936, English contralto

The buttocks; rump; ass •This sense is attested as western US in 1860. Oddly enough, butt looks like a diminutive of buttock, but to judge by the suffix, the opposite must be the case.: So drunk he couldn’t find his butt with both hands (1450+)
The remainder of a smoked cigarette or cigar (1930s+)
A cigarette: a pack of butts (1900+)
The final year of a prison sentence or a term of military enlistment (1915+ Armed forces & prison)
Something or someone disliked •Somewhat derogatory: woman is a real butt


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