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  • Bzd

    bzd Belize-dollar benzodiazepine

  • C

    the third letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. any spoken sound represented by the letter C or c, as in cat, race, or circle. something having the shape of a C . a written or printed representation of the letter C or c. a device, as a printer’s type, for reproducing the letter C […]

  • C-a-

    Central America. chartered accountant. Accounting. chief accountant. Coast Artillery. commercial agent. consular agent. controller of accounts. current assets.

  • Caa

    Civil Aeronautics Administration: reorganized into the Federal Aviation Administration. Contemporary Examples Beckham’s American Dream Dashed Grant Wahl August 16, 2009 Outcry Over SEAL Matt Bissonnette’s Bin Laden Book Reveals Pentagon Hypocrisy Michael Daly September 12, 2012 A Hollywood Wife’s Sexy Alter-Ego Nicole LaPorte April 19, 2010 Hollywood’s New Don Kim Masters June 7, 2009 The […]

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