Alexander, 1898–1976, U.S. sculptor; originator of mobiles.
Contemporary Examples

From Calder to bedazzled tribal cuffs, the jewels at New York Fashion Week are oversized and outrageous.
All That Glitters Alisa Gould-Simon February 16, 2009

Apparently, Calder modeled directly in plaster rather than starting out in clay or wax.
“Cheval” of a Different Color Blake Gopnik November 20, 2012

Historical Examples

Lieutenant Calder knocked the ashes from his pipe and refilled it.
The Four Feathers A. E. W. Mason

“I am afraid you will be disappointed,” remarked Captain Calder.
Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships W.H.G. Kingston

Mr Calder did not care about this; he hoped to carry the boat into Falmouth or Plymouth harbour in safety.
Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships W.H.G. Kingston

However, that was a point Captain Calder could alone decide.
Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships W.H.G. Kingston

The angareb stood in a wash of water on the very spot to which at Calder’s order it had been moved that morning.
The Four Feathers A. E. W. Mason

January, 1720, saw distress and confusion at Calder in Mid Lothian.
Witch Stories E. Lynn (Elizabeth Lynn) Linton

It was read out to him by Calder, who had obtained leave to come down from Wadi Halfa with his friend.
The Four Feathers A. E. W. Mason

The art of being a Senator like Calder is the art of never saying “no.”
Behind the Mirrors Clinton W. Gilbert

Alexander. 1898–1976, US sculptor, who originated mobiles and stabiles (moving or static abstract sculptures, generally suspended from wire).

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