Alexis carrel

[uh-lek-sis;; French a-lek-see] /əˈlɛk sɪs;; French a lɛkˈsi/ (Show IPA), 1873–1944, French surgeon and biologist, in U.S. 1905–39: Nobel Prize 1912.
a small individual study room or private desk, often in a library, where a student or researcher can work undisturbed
Alexis (əˈlɛksɪs; French alɛksi). 1873–1944, French surgeon and biologist, active in the US (1905–39): developed a method of suturing blood vessels, making the transplantation of arteries and organs possible: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1912

1590s, “study in a cloister,” from Medieval Latin carula “small study in a cloister,” of unknown origin; perhaps from Latin corolla “little crown, garland,” used in various senses of “ring” (e.g. of Stonehenge: “þis Bretons renged about þe feld, þe karole of þe stones beheld,” 1330); extended to precincts and spaces enclosed by rails, etc. Specific sense of “private cubicle in a library” is from 1919.

Carrel Car·rel (kə-rěl’, kār’əl), Alexis. 1873-1944.

French-born American surgeon and biologist. He won a 1912 Nobel Prize for his work on vascular ligature and grafting of blood vessels and organs.

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