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Machinery. a disk or cylinder having an irregular form such that its motion, usually rotary, gives to a part or parts in contact with it a specific rocking or reciprocating motion.
Automotive Slang. camshaft.
to provide (a machine part or mechanism) with a cam or cams.
a river in E England flowing NE by Cambridge, into the Ouse River. 40 miles (64 km) long.
computer-aided manufacturing.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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a slider or roller attached to a rotating shaft to give a particular type of reciprocating motion to a part in contact with its profile
a river in E England, in Cambridgeshire, flowing through Cambridge to the River Ouse. Length: about 64 km (40 miles)
complementary and alternative medicine
computer-aided manufacture
(botany) crassulacean acid metabolism: a form of photosynthesis, first described in crassulaceous plants, in which carbon dioxide is taken up only at night
Cameroon (international car registration)
Camelopardalis (constellation)
Cameroon (international vehicle ID)
computer-aided manufacturing


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