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a city in Cambridgeshire, in E England: famous university founded in 12th century.
a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston.
a city in SE Ontario, in S Canada.
a city in E Ohio.
Contemporary Examples

Rupert Everett Unleashed Kevin Sessums April 5, 2009
More Kids Planned Kate? No, One is Enough, At The Moment… Tom Sykes March 16, 2014
Kate: I’m Not Sure About My New Bangs Tom Sykes November 27, 2012
The Tragic Life of Barack Obama’s Father Sally H. Jacobs July 9, 2011
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Historical Examples

Audubon and his Journals, Volume I (of 2) Maria R. Audubon
Tales And Novels, Volume 9 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth
Brenda’s Ward Helen Leah Reed
The Coryston Family Mrs. Humphry Ward
Cambridge Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker

a city in E England, administrative centre of Cambridgeshire, on the River Cam: centred around the university, founded in the 12th century: electronics, biotechnology. Pop: 117 717 (2001) Medieval Latin name Cantabrigia
short for Cambridgeshire
a city in the US, in E Massachusetts: educational centre, with Harvard University (1636) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Pop: 101 587 (2003 est)

Note: Location of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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