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Alexander, 1788–1866, U.S. religious leader, born in Ireland: cofounder with his father, Thomas, of the Disciples of Christ Church.
Avril Phaedra [av-ril] /ˈæv rɪl/ (Show IPA), (Kim) born 1947, Canadian politician: first woman prime minister 1993.
[kol-uh n,, koh-luh n] /ˈkɒl ən,, ˈkoʊ lən/ (Show IPA), or Colin, died 1729, Scottish architect and author.
Colin (Baron Clyde) 1792–1863, Scottish general.
Sir John, 1779–1861, English jurist and writer: Lord Chancellor of England 1859–61.
Joseph, 1904–87, U.S. mythologist.
Sir Malcolm, 1885–1948, English automobile and speedboat racer.
Mrs. Patrick (Beatrice Stella Tanner) 1865–1940, English actress.
Thomas, 1763–1854, Irish religious leader, in the U.S. after 1807: cofounder with his son, Alexander, of the Disciples of Christ Church.
Thomas, 1777–1844, Scottish poet and editor.
a city in W California.
a city in NE Ohio.
Contemporary Examples

“Nancy stayed in bed in the hotel room as I scurried around to get the paperwork and the minister and the flowers,” says Campbell.
A Gay Warrior’s Win for Partner at National Cemetery Eleanor Clift April 11, 2013

But, on that fateful April night, Campbell said Rehtaeh “was just too mad.”
Rehtaeh Parsons’s Best Friend Speaks Out Christine Pelisek April 27, 2013

“This was a Viking area where they settled and traded,” said Campbell.
How To Strike Viking Gold Lizzie Crocker October 17, 2014

In the Times account, General Campbell punctuated the point for exiting the Pech.
Hoist By Their Own Words Leslie H. Gelb February 25, 2011

Campbell is recognized for his tattoo talent, having created designs for everyone from Marc Jacobs to Orlando Bloom.
Marchesa Goes Vintage Erin Cunningham September 10, 2013

Historical Examples

It was not long ere people began to remark that no one now ever heard the piper utter the name Campbell.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 20, September, 1877. Various

Mr Campbell made no reply, but handed the letter to his wife.
The Settlers in Canada Frederick Marryat

Campbell has it against Byron, that “the poetic temperament is incompatible with matrimonial felicity.”
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction. Various

Mr Campbell had a few purchases to make here, which he completed.
The Settlers in Canada Frederick Marryat

Miss Campbell was also unable to return and the school was left without a teacher.
The Choctaw Freedmen Robert Elliott Flickinger

Sir Colin, Baron Clyde. 1792–1863, British field marshal who relieved Lucknow for the second time (1857) and commanded in Oudh, suppressing the Indian Mutiny
Donald. 1921–67, English water speed record-holder
Sir Malcolm, father of Donald Campbell. 1885–1948, English racing driver and land speed record-holder
Mrs Patrick, original name Beatrice Stella Tanner. 1865–1940, English actress
Roy. 1901–57, South African poet. His poetry is often satirical and includes The Flaming Terrapin (1924)
Thomas. 1777–1844, Scottish poet and critic, noted particularly for his war poems Hohenlinden and Ye Mariners of England

family name, from Gaelic caimbeul “wry or crooked mouth,” from cam “crooked, deformed, one-eyed, cross-eyed.” Also in surname Cameron, from Gaelic camshron “wry or hooked nose” (in the Highland clan; the Lowland name is for a locality in Fife). The Campbell Soup Company was started in 1869 by Joseph A. Campbell; Warhol began painting their cans in 1962.


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