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trolley line.
Historical Examples

We had swerved again to the north, where the Powell car-line curves into Bay Street, and were headed direct for the wharves.
The Million-Dollar Suitcase Alice MacGowan

On his way to the car-line Bob stopped to look in at an open door.
The Rules of the Game Stewart Edward White

The old presidio church is in the town of Monterey, and reached by car-line from Hotel del Monte or the town.
The Old Franciscan Missions Of California George Wharton James

Letter the name of your car-line upon the sides and the number of the car upon each end and side.
The Boy Craftsman A. Neely Hall

Almost at the end of the car-line they got off and crossed over to where Geary’s property stood.
Vandover and the Brute Frank Norris

“The car-line that passes this door goes directly to the department store,” answered Gay.
The Little Colonel’s Christmas Vacation Annie Fellows Johnston

We would get nearer to business, for one thing, also nearer the car-line.
The Van Dwellers Albert Bigelow Paine

Disappointed, baffled, he turned eastward and walked with long strides back toward the car-line.
The Girl and The Bill Bannister Merwin

It seems to have been corrupted from the word “troller” by the workmen of a Kansas City car-line.
Every-day Science: Volume VII. The Conquest of Time and Space Henry Smith Williams

A stout gentleman coming along the side street which led from a car-line crossed over hastily.
Emmy Lou’s Road to Grace George Madden Martin


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