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the amount carried by a car, especially a freight car.
the legal minimum weight entitling a railroad shipper to a rate (carload rate) lower than that charged for less than this weight.
Contemporary Examples

He recalls calling a meeting when “American Gypsies were flooding in by the carload” to Milwaukee.
American Gypsies Are a Persecuted Minority That Is Starting to Fight Back Nina Strochlic December 21, 2013

A carload of German tourists had been killed the week before; there was nothing to stop them.
When Your Hero’s an SOB Bruce Duffy July 31, 2011

I believe they are going to get hauled by the carload in November.
The New Corruption Capital Samuel P. Jacobs March 2, 2010

For the most part, a carload of randy frat boys causes Metro Vice more headaches than the CES crowd.
Temptations of the Flesh in Sin City Are Nothing for 150,000 Nerds John L. Smith January 12, 2014

Historical Examples

The magazine is getting low, but San Francisco is sending a carload.
The Vision of Elijah Berl Frank Lewis Nason

A carload of ambulance supplies was on the way from Cincinnati.
The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado Logan Marshall

His business may not be large enough to permit him to enjoy the advantage of a carload rate on any single commodity.
Railroads: Rates and Regulations William Z. Ripley

This means about 160 carloads for the day, or a carload every three minutes.
The Boy Scouts at the Panama Canal John Henry Goldfrap

She has been obliging and unselfish enough with us all to deserve a carload of May baskets.
Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore Pauline Lester

Usually, complaint is made of the denial of carload ratings.
Railroads: Rates and Regulations William Z. Ripley


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