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a removable seat designed to hold a small child safely while riding in an automobile and that usually attaches to a standard seat with hooks or straps.
a removable cushion or pad for a driver or passenger to sit on while traveling by automobile, to give extra height or comfort.
Historical Examples

Kenneth had lighted his cigar and was lying back against the cushion of the car-seat.
Empire Builders Francis Lynde

That’s the number of hours you’re going to sit here on a car-seat, is it?
Glory and the Other Girl Annie Hamilton Donnell

Then she stepped up to the car-seat, as slowly and deliberately as a sovereign stepping up to her throne.
The Prairie Mother Arthur Stringer

He rested his pad on the car-seat and began to write, but Miss Morgan intruded herself in the first line.
The Candidate Joseph Alexander Altsheler

As he began to realize it all and to think how terrible was this loss, he laid his head down on the car-seat before him and cried.
A Little Norsk; Or, Ol’ Pap’s Flaxen Hamlin Garland

She opened her eyes and turned them languidly as directed, but without raising her head from the back of the car-seat.
A Touch Of Sun And Other Stories Mary Hallock Foote

The young man in the gray clothes rose up, took something from under the car-seat and went out.
The Other Girls Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney


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