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(in the Philippines) the water buffalo.
Contemporary Examples

After chugging a can of carabao, he chases the thugs away and wins her heart.
In Afghanistan, a Boom in Red Bull Mujib Mashal May 18, 2012

carabao, which costs about half as much—and tastes far sweeter—is the energy drink of choice for the average Afghan.
In Afghanistan, a Boom in Red Bull Mujib Mashal May 18, 2012

Red Bull—especially the Austrian version—along with carabao appear to be the most widely recognizable brands.
In Afghanistan, a Boom in Red Bull Mujib Mashal May 18, 2012

Historical Examples

All the domestic animals, aside from the carabao, have been introduced from abroad.
The Greater Republic Charles Morris

The animal that is most essential in every way is the carabao or water buffalo.
An Ohio Woman in the Philippines Emily Bronson Conger

The carabao has little hair and its nose bears a strong resemblance to that of the hippopotamus.
The Critic in the Orient George Hamlin Fitch

Finally Piniliu went to Nueva Viscaya, and there bought a carabao.
Ifugao Law R. F. Burton

For days before the natives were busy making long candles out of carabao tallow.
An Ohio Woman in the Philippines Emily Bronson Conger

Timbuluy gathered his kin and met Piniliu when he was bringing back the carabao.
Ifugao Law R. F. Burton

Horses and carabao are very rare, and are said to have been introduced late, not before the present century.
The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes Toms de Comyn

noun (pl) -os
another name for water buffalo


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