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Carbon tax

a tax on the emissions caused by the burning of coal, gas, and oil, aimed at reducing the production of greenhouse gases
Contemporary Examples

For example: most Republicans disagree with me that a carbon tax would be a good idea.
Obama’s Fighting Speech – Part 4 David Frum January 22, 2013

A carbon tax may be a good way to respond to greenhouse-gas emissions.
Dutch Disease? There are Worse Problems… David Frum May 25, 2012

Just how high were we thinking that our carbon tax would be?
Would Putting a Price on Carbon Pave the Way for Electric Cars? Megan McArdle January 21, 2013

carbon tax: I would support a carbon tax even if we didn’t need the money, because global warming is a real problem.
After the Fiscal Cliff: What do Democrats Want? Megan McArdle January 1, 2013

I prefer replacing portions of the payroll tax with a carbon tax, for instance.
We Need a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Justin Green April 7, 2013

Obvious: What do you think of cap-and-trade versus a carbon tax?
The Ridiculous Global-Warming Freakout Tunku Varadarajan November 15, 2010

He has to persuade middle Americans that they have a stake, say, in a carbon tax.
How Obama Can Become Our Era’s Reagan Michael Tomasky January 20, 2013

Residents are nearly evenly divided on a carbon tax and the cap-and-trade legislation that has been a target of Fiorina.
The GOP’s Big Green Gamble Joe Mathews December 7, 2009

Instead, a tax on greenhouse gas emissions (“carbon tax”) would be imposed.
The Free-Market Merits of a Carbon Tax David Frum March 26, 2013

A carbon tax will raise the price of their energy inputs and thus the cost of their products.
Dutch Disease? There are Worse Problems… David Frum May 25, 2012


a levy on fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil), esp. those for motor vehicles in an attempt to reduce carbon dioxide emission


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