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admittedly belonging to a group or party:
a card-carrying Communist.
Often Facetious. dedicated to an ideal, profession, or interest:
a card-carrying humanist.
Contemporary Examples

As a card-carrying member of the window dressing fraternity, I say, “Fierce!”
Why Drag Queens Should Handle Disaster Relief Simon Doonan June 3, 2010

A former “card-carrying monogamist,” as she puts it, she is now in an open relationship and newly engaged.
The Sex Diaries Project: What 1,500 Bedroom Diaries Can Teach Us About Sex Jessica Bennett January 26, 2012

They were all card-carrying Ukrainians, who were somewhat suspicious of Russia.
Is Kharkiv Ukraine’s Next Tipping Point? Vijai Maheshwari March 12, 2014

I would imagine he would portray us like we are all card-carrying members of ISIS.
Rick Santorum’s Hobby Lobby Horror Movie Dean Obeidallah July 1, 2014

No longer a card-carrying Communist, he nonetheless stubbornly admires Stalin and overlooks his excesses.
Must-Read Debuts Taylor Antrim October 21, 2010

So the Beltway media (of which I am a card-carrying member) has decided President Obama is too aloof.
Stop Calling Obama Aloof! Paul Begala May 19, 2013

You, being a card-carrying member of the American elite—” Carville asserts before I interrupt him with a sarcastic “thank you.
James Carville on His New Book, ‘It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!’ Lloyd Grove July 8, 2012

Of course, it greatly helped that he was a card-carrying conservative anticommunist.
My Dinner with Fidel Leslie H. Gelb March 15, 2009

And what a pleasant surprise to find that Assange, a card-carrying whistleblower, can wear more than one hat.
I Love the Julian Assange Show! Tracy Quan July 2, 2012

being an official member of a specified organization: a card-carrying union member, a card-carrying Communist

1948, used frequently during Cold War in U.S. (typically in reference to official membership in the communist party), from card (n.1) + present participle of carry (v.).


sixty-nine (1970s+)


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