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a very sturdy fabric with a leather or rubber fillet imbedded with wire teeth for disentangling and cleaning textile fibers, used to cover the rollers or flats of a carding machine.


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  • Card-counter

    a casino player who memorizes or records which cards have been played in previous hands in order to calculate the odds on receiving winning cards or combinations from those remaining to be dealt, the practice often being held as illegal. noun See card counting

  • Card counting

    noun a card game strategy (e.g. blackjack) in which a player keeps a mental tally of the cards played in order to calculate the probability of certain cards being dealt, therefore obtaining an advantage Examples Card counting is sometimes used to obtain a count of the distribution or remaining high cards in trick-taking games, such […]

  • Card creep

    card creep chip creep

  • Card-cut

    having a fretwork pattern in low relief: card-cut woodwork.

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