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Card file

another term for card index
Historical Examples

The oldest method of operating the card follow-up is to use the tickler index in a card file.
Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business Administration, v. 1 Various

Suggest ways in which a card file might be used in the household.
Foods and Household Management Helen Kinne

But it ought to be done as quickly as possible, and the records tabulated on cards in a convenient way in a card file.
Analyzing Character Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb

I have this form printed on cards and file them in a card file.
How to Collect a Doctor Bill Frank P. Davis

Some desks contain a place for the card file in the upper right-hand drawer.
Foods and Household Management Helen Kinne

The sheets are arranged in the order of letter Nos., in a card file or a loose-leaf binder.
Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business Administration, v. 1 Various

Write the word on the blackboard; make up the printed card for the card file and put it in its proper box.
Montessori Elementary Materials Maria Montessori

Keep lists of articles needed in the card file, and make your shopping lists from these.
Foods and Household Management Helen Kinne

The thin, gray-haired man who was stooping over the flat-topped desk, looking at a card file, glanced up at her and smiled.
Rosemary Josephine Lawrence

The clerk walked over to a card file and after some searching brought back a slip with half a dozen numbers.
City of Endless Night Milo Hastings


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