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a registered member of an organization, especially of a union or a political party, who has been issued a card in evidence of membership.
a person who has a borrower’s card from a library.
a person to whom a credit card or bank card is issued.
(on a typewriter) either of a pair of devices able to be raised to hold stiff objects, as envelopes or cards, in place for typing.
Contemporary Examples

Credit card companies have also used predictive modeling to answer questions such as, has this cardholder recently moved?
How Visa Predicts Divorce Nicholas Ciarelli April 5, 2010

Historical Examples

This stand contains a cardholder and a chrome strip which is used as the inking plate.
The Science of Fingerprints Federal Bureau of Investigation

A picture can be so fastened to the panel as to form a good letter or cardholder.
Social Life Maud C. Cooke

a person who owns a credit or debit card


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