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Cardiac index

cardiac index

cardiac index n.
The volume of blood pumped by the heart in a unit of time divided by the body surface area, usually expressed in liters per minute per square meter.


Read Also:

  • Cardiac histiocyte

    cardiac histiocyte cardiac histiocyte n. A large mononuclear cell found in connective tissue of the heart wall in inflammatory conditions, especially in the Aschoff body. Also called Anitschkow cell, Anitschkow myocyte.

  • Cardiac insufficiency

    cardiac insufficiency cardiac insufficiency n. See heart failure.

  • Cardiac infarction

    cardiac infarction cardiac infarction n. See myocardial infarction.

  • Cardiac jelly

    cardiac jelly cardiac jelly n. The gelatinous noncellular material between the endothelial lining and the myocardial layer of the heart in very young embryos, later serving as a substratum for cardiac mesenchyme.

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