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Cardiac souffle

cardiac souffle

cardiac souffle n.
A soft puffing heart murmur.


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  • Cardiac sound

    cardiac sound cardiac sound n. See heart sound.

  • Cardiac-tamponade

    tamponade (def 2). Medicine/Medical. the use of a tampon, as to stop a hemorrhage. Also called cardiac tamponade, heart tamponade. Pathology. a condition in which the heart is compressed because of an accumulation of fluid in the pericardium. tamponade tam·pon·ade (tām’pə-nād’) or tam·pon·age (tām’pə-nĭj) n. The insertion or use of a tampon. cardiac tamponade n. […]

  • Cardiac sphincter

    cardiac sphincter cardiac sphincter n. A physiological sphincter at the esophagogastric junction.

  • Cardiac valve

    cardiac valve cardiac valve n. Any of the valves regulating the flow of blood through and from the heart, consisting of the aortic valve, the left and right atrioventricular valves, and the pulmonary valve.

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