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heartburn (def 1).
Historical Examples

For in riding a journey in cold weather, when the feet are long kept too cold, the digestion is impaired, and cardialgia produced.
Zoonomia, Vol. II Erasmus Darwin

cardialgia is a painful condition of the stomach, usually referred to its cardiac orifice, and is popularly known as heartburn.
A System of Practical Medicine By American Authors, Vol. II Various

It is scarcely credible to what extent the use of antacids may be carried to relieve the cardialgia of pregnancy.
A System of Midwifery Edward Rigby

The root yields a juice which is employed in skin diseases, in abscess, acid in cardialgia.
The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines T. H. Pardo de Tavera

Soap neutralizes the gastric acid without effervescence, and thus relieves the pain of cardialgia, where the stomach is affected.
Zoonomia, Vol. II Erasmus Darwin

(obsolete) pain in or near the heart
a technical name for heartburn

See acid reflux

cardialgia car·di·al·gia (kär’dē-āl’jə, -jē-ə)

See heartburn.



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